Event Industry Leaders,
Together Under One Roof

From the beginning, we’ve earned our reputation as the one-stop service provider for broadcast, corporate, and special events. From lighting and staging to sound design and production, we have (and will!) handle everything but the catering. While our commitment to full-service event production hasn’t wavered, in recent years we’ve refocused on what we do best: world-class audio production. This desire to focus on our specialization without scaling back our capabilities inspired the foundation of the ICP Production Centre.

The ICP Production Centre—based right here in Atlanta, Georgia—brings together industry leaders from around the world. Our 30,000 square foot facility is the first of its kind in our region. By sharing resources, personnel, and strategies, we’re able to provide exceptional value, service, and quality work to the Hollywood of the South.


30,000 sqft


West Atlanta


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COMMS, Audio, broadcast, special events, corporate, rentals

ICP Comms LLC and ICP Audio LLC

To provide more advanced and innovative capabilities for our global clients, we created ICP Comms LLC and ICP Audio LLC. With a network of the top equipment providers in the industry, we can meet event needs of any scope. 

ICP Production Centre Partners

Meet our partners and learn more about how the ICP Production Centre can elevate your production!

All Access logo; ICP Production Centre partner

All Access is a global leader in staging and event production. Their Versa Stage®️ product line and expertise in cutting-edge staging automation has powered some of the biggest shows in the entertainment industry worldwide. They specialize in a variety of markets, including concert touring, festival staging, special events, sports and activations, and television. As a leader in the industry with decades of experience, All Access knows what it takes to put on an event that blows expectations out of the water.

All Access logo; ICP Production Centre partner

For over 25 years, ATOMIC has worked with Fortune 500 companies, Grammy-winning artists, and event professionals of all sizes to create corporate events, live entertainment, television, and retail installments. They specialize in live event production, design services, custom set construction, and modular systems rental scenery. ATOMIC offers rentals of their modular systems scenic elements, including staple product lines like SuperZipper and SuperLever. Their main goal is to create immersive environments that engage audiences.

"The equipment is the current state of the art and always arrives well maintained and packaged for quick set up… When ICP is a part of your audio staging solution, it’s one department you know you don’t have to worry about."

— Warren Goodson, Director, Production Encore Creative & Digital

"While circling the globe for many years I have lost count of the numerous times that I have counted on ICP as a full-service production resource. In addition to having the right tools for the job, they have the right skills and a “we are here to assist in any way” attitude. I highly recommend the team at ICP."

— Tom Marzullo, President, Out of Our Minds Productions, LLC

"In our business, ICP is the recognized leader in sound engineering in our industry and has redefined best practices for the entire air show business."

— John Cudahy, President, International Council of AirShows