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Cure NF With Jack is committed to accelerating medical research, driving community action, and raising funds to end NF.

A community of committed people has formed through Cure NF With Jack – and each year the number and the commitment grows. The generosity of Jay Rabbitt, CEO of ICP, helped to enable furthering administration of clinical trials, for what is now, the first FDA approved drug that specifically targets NF tumors.

ICP is committed to raising the bar within the community mobilizing action to better the lives of children with this disease. It is a privilege to be able, as a company, to be part of CNFWJ, an organization that deeply cares and is driven to find a cure for NF.

Follow us at CureNFwithJack.com

Michale Porecca headshot; professional video photographer

"When I came to the Hawks I was excited to learn that we were already working with [ICP] – If not I was bringing them along! . The expertise brought by Jay and his team have proven invaluable over the years. I don’t have to worry and can focus on the rest of my job when ICP is with us."

— Daniel Pattillo, Audio Visual Manager, Atlanta Hawks & State Farm Arena

"In our business, ICP is the recognized leader in sound engineering in our industry and has redefined best practices for the entire air show business."

— John Cudahy, President, International Council of AirShows

"I have had the privilege of working with In Concert Productions for over 25 years… When you work with Jay and his team you know you are covered for your audio needs. "

— Warren Goodson, Director, Production Encore Creative & Digital