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In Concert Productions (ICP) has been on the forefront of technology and service for customers in Georgia and throughout the country for many years. While the company was built on providing expert sound production and audio services, ICP has quickly scaled into a full-service event production company, recognized as the go-to solution.

Georgia Entertainment has learned that further expansion is underway with additional personnel and audio/comm equipment to the Georgia facility. The climate-controlled tech space is being renovated to include state of the art Comms gear. This combined with a key hire slated to be announced next week that will lead the company’s new Comms Division. (We will have more on this soon.)

Further development in the Production Centre will include Clair Global alongside All Access Staging and Atomic Modular designs. Keeping up with advanced technology, ICP will hold factory-trained sessions to educate and train personnel and freelancers at the Georgia facility.

ICP is a living, breathing success story of job creation as a result of Georgia’s Entertainment Industry Investment Act. They are fully committed to engaging and utilizing Georgia talent in this fast-growing sector. Local employees spend their earnings within the community further supporting other local businesses.