In the fall of 2021, Tom Marzullo, his client, and the overall production team started discussing a one-of-a-kind sporting event. “Fan-Controlled Football,” or FCF, is a professional 7-on-7 Indoor football league created in 2017. As the first sports league controlled entirely by fans, it offers unique opportunities for audiences to engage with athletes.

FCF takes place in Atlanta and airs on Twitch and NBC. Mr. Marzullo, a long-time friend of ICP, called on us to be the primary broadcast audio and venue PA company. Because we’re a local vendor, we quickly became the go-to problem solver for all things production. We had to multitask at every junction, working with multiple vendors under the restraints of the laws and restrictions.

Alongside All Access, we were able to transform Pullman Yards into a live sporting venue like no other. This challenging environment allowed us to show off our capabilities and creativity. We also set execution and transportation, provided last-minute specialized engineers and technicians, and were on-site to troubleshoot sound leakage. In addition, ICP provided 24 channels of Shure Axient ADX wireless mics to cover hosts and interviews. We also provided 18 channels of Q5X player mics for the teams and officials. Finally, a state-of-the-art d&b loudspeaker and amplification system ensured the live audience was fully immersed in the gameplay.

But ICP really shined thanks to the ICP Production Centre and our close relationship with the GA Film & Tax Credit Commission. As the local and approved State of Georgia vendor, ICP was instrumental in keeping Mr. Marzullo’s broadcast end client and their affiliated vendors compliant with the GA Film & Tax credit rules and regulations. This helped to provide the local labor and services that the tax credit was created for in the first place! We were honored to provide local event production services for this historic venue and one-of-a-kind event.